Watch Size Guide

Watch Size Guide

Ensure You Buy Luxury Watches Only from Authorized Dealers like Kohinoor Diamonds

Unfortunately, there are many “grey market” dealers in watches, most of which are online, who do not offer the service, expertise, warranties and guarantees necessary to properly care for a luxury watch.

“Be sure the professional jeweler or watch dealer you’re purchasing from is authorized to sell the brand,” states Amanda Berg, a spokesperson for the Jewelry Information Center, in the JIC’s Watch Buying Guide. “This is especially true in the case of higher-end luxury watches when sometimes the watch warranty or guarantee is not considered valid by the watchmaker if the dealer is not authorized.”

Be sure the jeweler is affiliated with a professional trade association, such as Jewelers of America, which requires high ethical standards of its members and provides them with ongoing education. When buying online, ensure that the merchant is an authorized dealer (which you can usually- but not always- validate by visiting the manufacturer’s Web site, which will then direct you to authorized online dealers).

Kohinoor Diamonds is an authorized retail outlet for all the designer and luxury watches, jewelry and collectibles we offer. If you have a specific luxury brand in mind that you cannot find on our web site, please call us at 1-877-KOHINOOR to contact Kohnioor Diamonds store that carry many other fine watch brands such as Fendi, Heuer, Omega and others that the manufacturers prefer not be sold on the Internet at this time.

Standard Watch Band Lengths

Women’s Standard Watch Band Lengths

From 6 3/4″ to 8″. (depending on style and manufacturer)

Men’s Standard Watch Band Lengths

From 7 3/4″ to 9 ½”. (depending on style and manufacturer)

How to Have a Luxury Watch Sized

Leather watchbands have multiple holes to allow for increasing and decreasing the size, and can be adjusted to a perfect fit for most average size wrists. For larger size wrists, new bands can usually be purchased to add length. Check for availability by manufacturer.

If the watch you ordered has a metal watchband, you will most probably need to remove some links in order to properly and comfortable fit your wrist. As this should only be done with the wearer present, you should buy one whose band can be sized down to what you need, and then take it in for sizing. Most metal watchbands must be altered by a professional jeweler to remove and add links. If you do remove links, be sure to save them for repairs or enlarging later. Replacement links on fine watches can be very expensive.

We suggest you take your watch to a reputable watch-dealer who is an authorized distributor for the brand of watch you are buying. Expect to pay a nominal fee for this service. Do not attempt to size your own watch as you may damage or scratch the watch or watch band.

Note that once you have a watch sized, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

Can all Watches be Sized?

Note that certain styles of fine metal watches, particularly those that taper dramatically from the watch face to clasp at the back, cannot have too many links removed and still maintain their design integrity. Also, certain stretch or designer fashion watches cannot be altered.

Please consult with your Kohinoor Diamonds sales associate for more information.

Does One Size Fit All?

Happily, for most people, the majority of watches are manufactured to fit a broad range of wrist sizes. Most watch styles also have clasps that can be adjusted by the wearer. However, there are always exceptions for wrists that are much larger or much smaller than the standard.

For smaller hands in general, you may want to consider smaller watch face styles as well, although large watch faces are in style for both men and women. For smaller wrists, some watch styles can be ordered with petite bands. Others may be able to have the bands shortened by an expert jeweler by removing some links if it is a watch with link styles.

If you do have a watch band shortened, be sure to save the extra links in case you want to add them or need them for repair later on, as replacement links can be rather expensive for luxury watches. You will also need the original links if you need to return this item within the first thirty days after purchase.

For larger wrists, some watches can be ordered with extra long bands or may have the option to order extra links to be added by an expert jeweler.

Need a Special Size?

If you know your wrist (or that of the recipient) is much larger or much smaller than the standard watch size, you may consult our specialists to find a suitable style of watch to fit your needs.

If you have a specific watch style in mind, you will need to determine if a larger or smaller custom size of that specific desired watch style is available from the manufacturer. Please use our Special Request form to specify the custom size and style you were looking for and we will do our best to accommodate your request by checking the availability of this watch in the desired size with the manufacturer, and then returning with a quote and timeframe.

Note that most custom orders will incur both additional time for getting quotes and for the actual custom manufacturing if this size is not readily available at the manufacturer as well as potentially additional cost for materials and labor. For example, adding extra links in a high-end gold or titanium watch band or additional diamonds to a diamond-studded band to make a longer length band will naturally incur additional costs for the precious metals and gemstones. Likewise, reconfiguring the structural design of a watch to make it much smaller could take additional effort and cost on the part of the manufacturer.

Measuring Your Wrist Size

Only for customers who believe their wrist size may be outside the standard range for most watches, you can get an approximate measurement of your wrist for custom orders to by using a soft seamstress-style measuring tape. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape but have a yardstick, ruler or stiff metal measuring tape, you could wrap a ribbon around your wrist at the wrist bone, mark the spot where it meets, and then lay it against the yardstick or metal measuring tape to determine your approximate wrist size.

Not sure where to measure on your wrist?

You simply print out the size tool, cut it out, and tape it together to form a measuring tape. Then you simply wrap it around your wrist at the wrist bone and mark where it meets to get your approximate wrist measurement. Usually, wrists at or within 3 inches under the standard watch diameter will fit most standard watches.

Note that certain styles of watches without clasps must fit over the widest part of the hand, and you should measure at that part of the hand accordingly. To get the perfect fit, measure your wrist at the wrist bone. See graphic for illustration.

Determining Your Correct Watch Size

After you have measured the approximate diameter of your wrist, add ½ to 1 ½” to that measurement, depending on the snugness of fit that is desired. Remember that some watches fit differently. Depending on the style of clasp; some give you a trifle more space, some less. Also, if the band adornments are very large, the room for your wrist may decrease. You should choose a watch with a band that adjusts from your wrist size to up to ½” or 1 ½” more.