Ring Size Guide

Ring Sizing

Q. What is “sizing”?

A. Like all jewelry, rings are cast and manufactured to a certain industry standard. To change the diameter or size of a ring, a qualified jeweler must modify the shank. Ring sizes are unisex and are number based, running in ½ sizes.

FREE Sizing on Rings from Kohinoor Diamonds

Kohinoor Diamonds provides one FREE ring sizing up to 2 sizes above or below original ring size at the time of purchase of any sizeable* ring from the Kohinoor Diamonds web site. We will size the new ring for you before sending it out. (*Note: Not all rings can be changed in size due to the design.)

If you need to have the ring resized in the future, you may contact us at 877-406-3266 or bring them into our location. Note that there might be an additional charge for resizing.

Available Ring Sizes from Kohinoor Diamonds

Q. What are the standard ring sizes from Kohinoor Diamonds?

A. For Women: Standard in-stock size (depending on manufacturer) is 7; check the product page to confirm the size and its availability. Typical ring sizes available: 5 to 9 for women, including ½ sizes (5, 5 ½, 6, 6 ½, etc.).

A. For Men: Standard in-stock size (depending on manufacturer) is 10; men’s sizes range from 8-12, including half sizes (8, 8 ½, 9, 9 ½, etc.); check the product page to confirm the size and its availability. Wider bands and rings tend to run smaller. You may want to consider ordering half a size larger than your normal ring size for proper fit.

Q: Can all rings be resized if purchased originally in another size?

A. No. Some rings and bands cannot be resized due to their unique metal alloy* or design. Bands in very hard metals like titanium must be cast to the desired size by the manufacturer, while platinum bands are only sizeable to a few sizes above or below the original casting size. Unique ring designs such as eternity bands or channel-set diamond bands are usually manufactured only in the standard sizes; to maintain the strength and design integrity of the ring, the construction should not be altered. And rings with gemstones along the shank or intricate carving and engraving may not be able to be sized down more than one half or full size, if at all. If you need a designer’s ring of this type, you should order one to be cast in the size desired.

Q: Can special size rings be ordered?

A. Yes, in many cases, different sizes are available on many ring styles. However, this depends upon the physical design and the manufacturer. If you know your ring size (or that of the recipient) is much larger or much smaller than the standard ring size, you may consult specialists via phone or e-mail or visit Kohinoor Diamonds store to talk with our in-store specialists to find a suitable style of ring to fit your needs. However, if you have a specific ring style in mind that you need in a different size than is offered on the site, you will need to determine if a larger or smaller custom size of that specific desired ring style is available from the manufacturer.

For a special size, please send us an e-mail at sales@kohinoordiamonds.net and specify the custom size and style you were looking for and we will do our best to accommodate your request by checking the availability and feasibility of rendering this ring in the desired size with the manufacturer and/or expert jewelers, and then returning with a quote and timeframe.

Note that most custom orders will incur additional time both for getting quotes and the actual manufacturing as well as additional cost for custom construction. For example, adding more metal such as gold, silver or platinum or additional gemstones to make a larger size, or reconfiguring the structural design of a piece to make it much smaller takes additional effort and cost for both materials and expert labor on the part of the manufacturer or expert jeweler.

Q. How much additional time should I allow for sizing and special orders?

A. In general, ring sizing to a standard ring can add up to five (5) days to delivery time on most rings. Please check for availability of each product before purchasing. For special size orders, please allow additional time. Custom casting of special size titanium bands, for example, can run up to 10-12 weeks, while other special orders can be ready in a few days, so please contact us for availability with our manufacturer before ordering if time is of the essence.

How To Determine The Correct Ring Size

Unsure of the size you need? It may depend on your lifestyle as well as finger size. People in warm climates or athletes during workouts may find that their hands will swell, while older customer often find that knuckles tend to swell as the years go by (both men and women).

By using Kohinoor’s ring sizing tools and techniques you can make your ring purchase worry-free. The most accurate method, of course, is to visit Kohinoor Diamonds. Our trained sales associates can quickly measure your finger for ring size, or assess the size of a ring you bring in using a jeweler’s mandrel (tapered cylinder with measurement marks used to size rings.). If you cannot visit a store, you can use one of our convenient online Kohinoor’s ring sizer tools below. Note that Kohinoor’s ring sizing guides are unisex and will work for both men’s and women’s rings.

Kohinoor Diamond Ring Sizing Tools

OPTION A: Kohinoor Diamonds ring Finger Measurer   (Click to view actual size)

Kohinoor Diamonds Ring Finger Measurer ™

OPTION A: When you can measure the wearer’s actual ring finger? When the person who will be wearing the ring (you or the intended recipient) is available in person to have his or her ring finger measured, you can use the following method to print out a Kohinoor Diamonds Ring Finger Measurer ™.

  • Click and print out our Kohinoor Ring Finger Measurer ™ (See note below on viewing PDF documents)
  • Then, carefully cut along the dotted lines.
  • Wrap the Kohinoor Ring Finger Measurer ™ around the base of the finger on which the ring will be worn. When wrapped correctly, the Kohinoor Ring Finger Measurer ™ should slide easily over the finger.
  • The number the arrow points to is your proper ring size.

    NOTE: Extra wide band styles tend to run slightly small. For best fit, you may wish to order a ring a half size larger than the normal size worn.

NOTE: To view this type of document, you will need to have the free industry standard Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer to read this PDF file (If you click on the icon and the document does not open properly due to unrecognized file type, you will probably need to install this reader. To get a free, safe download from Adobe, go to Adobe’s website and follow the instructions for your computer, platform and language.)To correctly print out this sizing tool to the right size, make sure your print options are set to print the page at 100% normal size, with no Shrinking or Expanding of page to fit the page. Since screen resolution and printer settings vary for every user, these measurements are only approximate. For the most accurate sizing, please visit Kohinoor Diamonds where an expert associate will take the correct measurement.

OPTION B: When you cannot measure the ring finger of the intended wearer and only have another ring she or he has worn? Are you buying a gift for someone, and are not sure of her (or his) ring size? Simply borrow one of his/ her rings that are worn often, preferable a plain band, and choose one of the following measuring methods:

SOLUTION 1- Kohinoor Diamonds Ring Finger Measurer ™ with Carrot: Print and cut out the Kohinoor Diamonds Ring Finger Measurer ™ from above. Then, simply slip the “borrowed” ring over a carrot and push it down as far as it will go. Don’t force it! Mark the spot on the carrot then wrap the Kohinoor Diamonds Ring Finger Measurer around it as described above to mark the spot and measure the approximate ring size.

Kohinoor Diamonds Ring and Band Sizer™

SOLUTION 2: Use this Kohinoor Diamonds Ring and Band Sizer ™ when the eventual wearer of the ring is available in person to measure his/her finger:

  • Click and print out the Kohinoor Diamonds Ring and Band Sizer ™ PLEASE PRINT THIS PAGE AND LAY THE RING ON IT. Don’t try to match to the image on the computer screen.

    NOTE: You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view and print this type of document; you may download it byclicking here and following the instructions.

  • Then lay the paper on a flat surface like a table or desktop.
  • Place a ring for the intended ring wearer (yourself or someone else) on top of the circles in this Kohinoor Diamonds Ring and Band Sizer ™ guide.
  • Make sure the INSIDE diameter of the ring lines up with the OUTSIDE of the circle closest in size. If the ring is between circle sizes, go up to the next ½ size. This is the approximate ring size.

    NOTE: Extra wide band styles tend to run slightly small. If your borrowed ring has a narrower shaft than the one you wish to purchase, you may wish to order a ring a half size larger than the normal size worn. Also, large stone rings may cause the shank to lift up when laid on its side on the paper, slightly distorting the size measurements. For best results, use a plain band. For the most accurate sizing, please visit Kohinoor Diamonds showroom where an expert associate will take the correct measurement.

Selecting the Correct Ring Size on Kohinoor Diamonds

Once you’ve determined the desired approximate ring size, simply select your ring size in Step 2 on the ring product page before adding the item to your shopping cart. If you select a ring style directly from a featured page without going to the product detail page, you may also change the size in the options box appearing next to your ring in the shopping cart.