Gift Guide

Fine Jewelry is a classic and timeless gift for all occasions so we designed our Jewelry Gift Guide to help make your gift giving easier. We have great gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, baby gifts, holiday gifts or to commemorate a particular occasion! Let us help you find great jewelry gifts for all tastes and budgets and the perfect gift for every occasion! All jewelry comes in a complimentary gift box and pouch, which adds the perfect finishing touch to your special gift!

Gift Bag, Mohogany Wood Ring Gift Box and Kohnioor Diamonds’ Cards.

Meaning of Gift-Giving

Gift giving has a symbolic representation in a relationship. The significance of gift goes beyond the monetary value. A gift given at various stages of a relationship reflects how deeply you’re in love. Jewelry is an ideal choice of gift for anyone in a relationship – simply because the recipient will remember the occasion every time he/she wears the gift.

Love Timeline

At different stage of a relationship, a thoughtful gift reflects your dedication to your partner. The love timeline is a suggested gift-giving guide for your reference.

When to Give What?

Many of us want to express our love to our significant other, and yet found ourselves lost in words.
Dating Gift You two barely met. This is the stage where you are guessing what each other’s feeling is. Better known as “the chase”.
Romantic Gift A romantic gift reflects the beginning of an exciting journey – The passion of new love: the person whose presence makes your heart thump, and whose mere touch sends your body a-quivering.
Promise Ring For those who are in love and not yet ready for marriage, a promise ring symbolizes your commitment for each other.
Engagement Ring It’s time to pop the question.
Wedding Ring It’s time to make it official. Wedding rings are worn by both partners as a symbolic of your eternal love for each other.
Anniversary Ring On Wedding Anniversaries it is traditional to give a gift to your partner or couples that symbolize the particular anniversary, typically these are made of a different material for each wedding anniversary.

How to Give?

Ideas & Advice A gift of jewelry is truly special, and the way you give it should be as well. If you are trying to make the moment more memorable, think of things that are significant between the two of you: The first place you went on a date, her/his favorite beach, or the location of your first kiss. Here are some ideas to get you started