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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement expresses our unequivocal commitment to you:
Diamonds! The very word, tantalizes the senses, overwhelming one with an aura of luxury, legend, and the lure of inimitable beauty. Kohinoor Diamonds offers custom designs wrought of creativity, precision, and expertise fashioned on bedrock of passion. Our personalized customer service puts you first. This is the Kohinoor Diamonds guarantee.
Kohinoor Diamonds… it’s where dreams become legacy.


We followed the trail of exquisite diamonds, which led us to the founding of Kohinoor Diamonds in Houston, in 2005. Our showroom is a 5,000 square foot treasure trove rich in lustrous, crave-worthy diamonds in stunning arrays. More than 40 years of rich experience in this incomparable gem compels us to bring only the world’s finest diamonds and diamond jewelry designs to the Houston community.

Legend of the Kohinoor

The name Kohinoor means “Mountain of Light.” The ancient Kohinoor Diamond is a 105-carat diamond discovered in India and worn by generations of Indian and Persian rulers. The famous diamond inspired rapture, pride, and enchanting lore. It has been told that in 1739, one of the Shah of Iran’s consorts said, “If a strong man should take five stones and throws one north, one south, one east, and one west, and the last straight up into the air, the space between shall be filled with gold and gems, and only that would equal the value of the Kohinoor.”
Today, the regal Kohinoor Diamond constitutes a mysteriously exciting abode amidst the Crown Jewels of England.